On the first day of the MAKS2019 air show in Moscow United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) did a low-profile unveiling of  Irkut MC-21-300 aircraft 003. She’s the first with a full interior in a 2-class lay-out, although 003 has only 163 seats instead of the usual 211 as part of the aft cabin still has some testing equipment on board.

UAC posted a set of pictures on its Twitter page. We share all of them, the first showing the Business Class configuration with four rows of two-by-two-seating. The seats are Safran’s Z600 model with 21.5 inch width and 36 inch pitch. They are identical to the ones used in its cabin mock-up first shown in 2011. Aisle width is 31.5 inch.

Another picture shows rows of Economy Class seats in a 3×2-arrangement, plus a few single seats at the back of the cabin. This makes a total of 147 seats, all Safran’s Z85-model of 18 inch width at 29 inch pitch. The aisle is 22.5 inch wide. At the back of the cabin in a fully furnished galley.

Notably absent from both Business and Economy seats is any inflight-entertainment system which was prominently on show in the mock-up. Irkut said in an August 28-presentation that aircraft 004 will get Safran’s Slim Plus seats at 18,5 inch in Economy. This aircraft will get the maximum of 211 seats in a high-density configuration.

Irkut has designed the MC-21 with spacious overhead luggage bins that offer room for six or seven small roller bags.

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