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May 26, 2024
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Mike Arcamone is Bombardier’s new President of Commercial Aircraft.  He sat down to speak with us during the pre-Farnborough briefing at the company’s Montreal offices.

1 thought on “Meet Mike Arcamone

  1. Congratulations Addison! I believe you have conducted the very first interview of the new President of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

    Arcamone confirmed what came out on the news today about the assembly of the first prototype, the so-called Flight Test Vehicle number 1 (FTV1). He said that it would be put together before the end of next September.

    The Static Aircraft will actually come out of the assembly line after FTV1. That means Bombardier has enough confidence in the design and assembly process to start assembling the first prototype before the Static. It will also help them to meet their original schedule, which set the maiden flight for the end of 2012.

    What many people don’t realize is that CIASTA (Complete Integrated Aircraft Systems Test Area), where the Iron Bird is located, is now testing, on a 24/7 schedule, all the aircraft systems, which had all been previously certified and commissioned. That gives BBD a considerable head start because the Iron Bird in CIASTA is actually a complete aircraft that can be flown virtually, just like if it was the first prototype. In addition to that, BBD built a wooden mockup to see how the digitally designed components would fit together inside a “real aircraft”.

    Obviously, Bombardier left nothing to chance and took unprecedented measures to avoid costly delays. So far it looks like they have succeeded.

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