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June 16, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • While everyone watches Boeing and the Dow, this stock could be a better tell for the market – Source: CNBC
  • ‘Positive signs’ in Airbus-China talks – Source: Reuters
  • Boeing’s Lawsuit Risks Soar Around Second 737 Max Disaster – Source: Bloomberg
  • Boeing 737 Max Hit Trouble Right Away, Pilot’s Tense Radio Messages Show – SourceNYT

Business Aviation

  • Embraer posts loss on executive-jets charge ahead of Boeing deal – Source: Reuters


  • Garuda Indonesia Seeks to Cancel $4.8 Billion Boeing Max Order – Source: Bloomberg
  • Boeing’s 737 Max grounded, Southwest adjusts – Source: HoustonChron
  • Some lessors to end deals with Jet, prepare to fly planes out of India – Source: Reuters
  • Embattled Jet Airways faces passengers rage over flight cancellations, delays in refunds – Source: TimesNow
  • Ethiopian crash investigators find piece of wreckage with similar setting to Lion Air plane – Source: Reuters


  • China Eastern Chairman wants slot priority and discounted airport fees for C919 and ARJ21 – Source: OrientAviation


  • U.S. Rebukes Boeing Over Tanker – Source: WSJ

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