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May 26, 2024
Summary of industry news in commercial aviation, business aviation, airlines, and social media
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Commercial Aviation

  • High density MC-21 coming – FlightGlobal

  • Boeing raises China forecast – Reuters

  • International Panel Set to Criticize FAA’s Approval Process for Boeing 737 MAX – WSJ

  • FAA chief says he’ll test Boeing’s MAX changes this week – AP

  • Airbus, French exporters reel as U.S. tariffs loom in subsidy row – Reuters
  • Rolls-Royce F130 engine for B-52 completes early testing – UKDefenceJournal

Business Aviation

  • Airbus Delivers First U.S.-made EC145e – AIN



Urban Air Mobility

  • Yates Electrospace Corporation unveils Silent Arrow 1-Ton Cargo UAV – airrecognition
  • Sebastian Thrun Is Driving a Future Where Cars Fly Themselves – DesignNews
  • Next week Revolution.Aero 2019 Conference Focused on Innovation and Technology in New Forms of Personal and Business Aviation – Revolution Aero

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