A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, , Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus chief plays down ‘A350neo’ talk – FlightGlobal
  • Clark leaves door open to Emirates Airbus A330neo deal – FlightGlobal

  • Aircraft lessor Aircastle to be acquired for $2.4Bn – CNBC

  • Boeing  wins order from Emirates – CNBC

Business Aviation

  • Millennials ‘already shaping business aviation’: Embraer’s Michael Amalfitano – CorpJetInvestor


  • Boeing will give the Southwest board an overview of its plans to return the grounded 737 MAX to service – Reuters

  • More EU Nations Seek to Expand Aviation AirlineGeeks

  • Qantas Could Order 12 ‘Project Sunrise’ A350 Or 777Xs As Ultra-Long-Haul Enlarges But Remains A Niche – Forbes

  • Emirates wants new Boeing jet put through ‘hell on Earth’ – Reuters
  • The pilot shortage – AOPA


  • Mind-bending maneuvers and a slow-speed pass by an F-22 fighter jet at the 2019 Dubai Airshow – Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Expert in Autonomous Flight explains the technology and how it compares to Tesla’s Full Self Driving – CleanTechnica
  • Samad to launch luxury spin-off of eStarling – FlightGlobal
  • Magna to develop eight times more powerful and cheaper electric motor – Inceptive Mind

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