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April 19, 2024
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The show has not officially started, but Bombardier offered the media a “sneek peak” at their new C Series.  Below are a number of videos from the event.  We asked about the spacing between C and Series.  We are advised this is to make all the aircraft names consistent.  Going forward each will also have a color – the reason for this selection is yet to made clear. The C Series name will be blue, the Q will be green and the CRJ will be red.

First up, Captain Mark Elliott – C Series Liaison Pilot and the man who brought the Swiss CS100 to le Bourget. He noted the aircraft performed exactly as expected and had lots of fuel left when it landed.  The CS300 did a stop because it had to since it has not yet been certificated to fly the range and even flew under FL300 – though it could.  The CS100 flew much of the route between FL390 and 410.

Next Fred Cromer welcomes the media to the event. Then Ross Mitchell did the updated outlook for the company.

Then came a short Q&A session.

Finally we got to spend a few minutes with Fred Cromer in the Swiss airplane.  The smell of new leather was good as he answered some questions.

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