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April 21, 2024
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The reaction to American’s recent fleet order was not positive from the financial analyst community. They have valid concerns regarding the firm’s financials.  But in typical fashion, MIT Researcher Bill Swelbar decided to take contrarian view and look at the order from a positive viewpoint. He provides his take on his blog.  Take a look at the comments section below for more insight on the order. Bill understands where the financial analysts are coming from but thinks one should take a longer view and see the positive side of the order and its potential for helping the airline improve its operating costs rather quickly as the new planes arrive.


1 thought on “Podcast – American’s Order – A Contrarian View

  1. News reports shortly after the AA order was announced indicated that the the only aircraft already provided for by the pilots’ labor agreement was the 738. I note that AA reputedly has had 787s on order for years now but still hasn’t come to terms with the pilots on outstanding labor issues. Is it possible that the first A320 shows up in 2012/2013 and there’s still no agreement?

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