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February 27, 2024
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At this stage we are not sure how to refer to the aircraft.  Is it C S100, or CS 100 or still CS100? Anyway the Swiss CS100 is on its way to Paris.  Track BBA505 to watch it as it makes its way over.


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3 thoughts on “Swiss CS100 on its way to Paris

  1. I will probably stay the same: CS100 and CS300. But they might soon add another one: CS500. 😉

  2. I think the fight ‘GLF5’, a Gulfstream 5 a little southeast of BBA505 and cruising at FL410 but not showing any destination or aircraft registration information, could also be heading for Paris Le Bourget.

  3. I just saw the new Bombardier advertisement for the C Series. It says “C-ing is Believing”. For my part I did not need to see to believe, I only needed to read Air Insight. 🙂

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