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May 24, 2024
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Airbus today announced 313 additional new orders for the A320neo family today in Paris.  Customers include AviancaTaca for 33 (with 18 regular A320), Republic for 80, LAN for 30, Kuwait-based leasing company ALAFCO 30, and firming up the IndiGo order for 150neo and 30 non-neo models for earlier delivery.  With a total of 545 neo orders at the show, Airbus has clearly taken a commanding lead in the narrow-body marketplace.

Boeing has announced orders for only 87 737NGs at the show, or a little more than 2 months production at its planned increase to 42 aircraft per month. While Boeing, unlike Airbus, doesn’t time orders for Air Shows, the disparity at Paris after 3 days is still quite astounding.

The table below shows orders by carrier (or leasing company) for A320neo, regular A320 family, and 737NG aircraft.  Airbus has sold 7 times the narrow-bodies as Boeing over the first three days of the show.



Carrier A320neo A320 737
Malaysian 0 0 10
Norwegian 0 0 15
Mongolian 0 0 2
UTAir 0 0 40
Air Lease 36 1 20
LAN 20 0 0
IndiGo 150 30 0
TransAsia 6 0 0
SAS 30 0 0
GECAS 60 0 0
ALAFCO 30 0 0
Republic 80 0 0
AviancaTaca 33 18 0
Garuda 10 15 0
JetBlue 40 0 0
CIT 50 0 0
TOTAL 545 64 87
Total Airbus 609 87.5%
Total Boeing 87 12.5%

The industry has spoken, and it has clearly voted with dollars for more fuel efficient aircraft.  Steven Udvar-Hazy publicly urged Boeing to produce the 797 to replace the 737, and the market appears to be rapidly moving away from the 737 to the neo.  Can Boeing really justify increasing production to 42 aircraft per month for a model that appears to be losing favor with the marketplace?  Boeing has deferred its decision and announcements until year end, apparently hoping that its indecision over future plans doesn’t impact the market.  You can’t sustain being outsold on your cash-cow airplane by a 7:1 ratio and hope to remain competitive in the marketplace for long.  Airlines and customers are speaking – quite loudly.  The only one remaining silent is Boeing.

1 thought on “The A320neo Narrow-body Onslaught Continues, while Boeing Obfuscates on 797

  1. “While Boeing, unlike Airbus, doesn’t time orders for Air Shows, the disparity at Paris after 3 days is still quite astounding.”

    In that case 87 737s and a bunch of 777s/ 747s is pretty good for a normal week.


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