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February 23, 2024
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Rob Dewar is VP & GM CSeries at Bombardier.  The reveal was a huge moment of pride for him and his team.  This was a moment they have been waiting for and they enjoyed every minute.


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3 thoughts on “The CSeries Reveal – A Presentation by Rob Dewar

  1. Bombardier sure knows how to do things differently. A fake Rollout with a real aircraft, instead of a real Rollout with a fake aircraft. What we saw here is the naked truth.

    The only elements that were not real are the strobes which simulated the engines turning. It was a nice touch that added life to the presentation. But the engines themselves were real. And those engines are already certified. They also meet or exceed the specifications.

    It is my understanding that the aircraft is also meeting its target in terms of overall weight. So the combination of the engine performances and the actual weight of the aircraft is probably what allowed Bombardier to offer a stretch with an increased MTOW. This late addition will transform what was already a fantastic aircraft into a formidable contender.

    The aircraft will be transferred to the flight test department before the end of the month. Over there they will fuel the aircraft, run the engines and the APU, taxi the aircraft, test the braking system, do simulated take-offs, and then one day in June, possibly before the Paris Air Show, the pilots will take the aircraft into the air for its maiden flight.

    Air Insight will now have to produce an updated version of “The CSeries Business Case” in order to compare the CS300 XCS with the MAX and neo; possibly even with the G2, if enough data is available.

    Ernest, I assume that you were handed a press kit today. May I suggest that you post the new data sheet and compare it with the previous one, so that we have a better idea of the new weight, dimensions and performances.

    Thank you.

  2. Everything looks good today. No doubt this aircraft will also face drawbacks. Good luck in 2013.

    From a competitive standpoint the 737-7 and A319NEO look even weaker offerings then before. Maybe Airbus will skip the A319 for an optimized 200 seater (to hit the 737-8 and -9 simultaniously and pull over low cost carriers).

  3. Since this was a “program update” and not a roll out, I wonder if they are going to do an official roll out ceremony next month or wait for first flight?

    I was impressed with the flashy presentation. They did a great job.

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