UAM AirInsight caught up with Darshan Divakaran, head of AIRAVAT consulting and UAS Program Engineer, North Carolina Division of Aeronautics, Department of Transportation. North Carolina DOT leads the UAS Integrated Pilot Program (IPP), which resulted in the successful UPS and Matternet drone medical delivery and led to UPS becoming a Part 135 Drone Airline (see UAM Insight 3 October 2019 UPS Drone Delivery Now an Airline).

Darshan also leads the flight operations for NC during natural disaster and emergency response with focus on infrastructure inspection. Darshan’s company, AIRAVAT focuses to provide state agencies and local governments the appropriate tools to create and manage UAS programs to support their specific operational needs. He has conducted extensive research on UAS applications and has educated agencies on its benefits. He is currently appointed to many national organizations and committees including AUVSI, ASTM, ANSI, NFPA, etc. that create UAS standards for commercial and public safety agencies. Darshan shares his thoughts on UAM.


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