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July 14, 2024
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When we think of supersonic flight, we think of a new supersonic aircraft, since the Concorde has been retired since 2003. But an organization composed of pilots, former frequent Concorde customers and aircraft enthusiasts have been raising funds to resurrect Concorde.


This group, Club Concorde, has apparently raised £120 million to acquire two aircraft, and indicated in a recent web posting that the obstacle of money has been solved through an investor, and that “now that money is no longer the problem, it is over to those who can make it happen.”

Their goal is to utilize one aircraft for charter flights and air shows, and to put the other aircraft on display near the London Eye on a platform overlooking the Thames river.

The group has identified several candidate aircraft, including aircraft currently displayed in Paris, and even negotiated with the Intrepid museum in New York, with their first offer being turned down. Should they be able to obtain three aircraft, they would also place on on display on the Seine in Paris.

More information can be found here and here.

by Fabio Gigante

4 thoughts on “Will Concorde Fly Again in 2019?

  1. Why would anyone want to do this? The Concorde was a very expensive airliner to operate, and they are already on display in the US and EU. I don’t think BA or AF ever made any profit operating the Concorde. It was a huge gas guzzler and maintenance costs were also huge.

  2. Because it is the concorde.When the concorde made its last flight i was only four years old. I wish i can have the chance to fly in this plane.

  3. I would think the next step in air travel is a plane capable of going much faster than do airliners do today. The Concorde was the first step in high speed aircraft but manufacturers are stuck in producing planes with the same low speed. An SST seating 200 to 275 would be a welcome addition to many fleets and instead of 7 to 9 hours crossing the Atlantic, how about 4 to 5 hours or less?

  4. Yab Mr Steve, I too wish to see myself even in one of the Concorde gallery in London or paris, that’s my dream even if I can’t fly in it.

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