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May 26, 2024
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We visited Bombardier’s Mirabel facility today.  We will be providing a written summary of our visit, and in the mean time here are three short videos from key voices at Bombardier.

Ray Jones, SVP Sales, Marketing & Asset Management

Ross Mitchell, VP Business Acquisition

Rob Dewer, VP CSeries

13 thoughts on “A winter visit to Mirabel

  1. I am looking forward to read the written summary of your visit to Mirabel. In the meantime I have enjoyed the three videos very much. Good job guys!

  2. Great. Sounds like January 2015 will bring good performance numbers for the CS100 and also the first CS300.

  3. We trust your report will be truthful and direct, as it is, no candy wrappers. If possible, please discuss splitting and or selling parts of the company.

  4. Thanks for this very interesting post on the CSeries’ progress. There is nothing like getting answers from people in the know.

  5. CRJ , QSeries, have seen their glory days. The torch was passed to Embraer and ATR a few years ago. The order books and backlogs speak for themselves. BBD has now bet the farm on the Cseries. Good luck with that. Sanctions on Russia have jeopardized the Q400 deal and now the drop in oil prices ruins the CSeries business case. Airbus neos, Boeing max and Embraer E2s outsold it in little time. Lear 85 what’s up with that?. Timing and luck just aren’t on their side. No wonder their shares have been stagnating in the single digits for over a dozen years.

  6. It seems its the same guy with the multiple aliases ,maybe that drops all the praise to the white albatross.

  7. After following the CSeries progress over the course of its development it appears that even Bombardier has doubts it’s going to soar as they have claimed. By splitting up the aerospace division into smaller slices it gives one the impression that this program will eventually go to the highest bidder, most likely China. I think the Chinese strategy is to let it bleed and come to its rescue. Why aren’t they buying them?

  8. Are you still a shareholder? I dumped my shares 7 years ago and haven’t had any regrets. I broke even but I sleep better. I’m not going to wait 20 years hoping for a comeback.

  9. It will be interesting to see what their plans are for CRJ and Q. CRJ is already quite competitive with E2 with a re-engine and some additional tweaks it will beat it substantially. As for Q, they need to find a way to get weight out of the plane. I wonder what options there are for that? A new wing plus integration of lightweight metals and composites? What will that cost and how long will it take?

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