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Dassault Aviation is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  The following video provides an interesting history of the company from World War I through today’s modern military and business jets.  From a modest start to today’s Rafale military jet, and the Dassault Falcon Jet line including the  2000, 2000LX, 900LX, 7X and forthcoming 8X and 5X models currently under development, the company is a major player in the aerospace industry with a strong product line and loyal customer base.

Congratulations Dassault!

United Airlines celebrated its 90th birthday on April 6th.  In a year when many aviation pioneers are celebrating major milestones, it is important to reflect back on the progress of the industry, which has been amazing.  Congratulations to United and its employees on this important milestone.  From the first flight attendants to the first flight kitchen to the first airline alliance and introduction of several major aircraft, including the 777, United is celebrating its industry innovations. Continue reading

Much of the demand for new aircraft has been driven by the rapidly growing Asian economies, including China.  But economic conditions in Asia appear to be slowing, and this could impact both future orders and potential deferrals of existing orders should market weakness continue over the next 2-3 years.

A report in China Aviation Daily entitled Overcapacity Hits Top Chinese Airlines on Rapid Expansion (link) should send a shock wave through the industry.  While the weakness in international trade is not unexpected, given the Baltic Dry Index is at record low levels, the secondary impacts into the global economy hadn’t yet been felt, primarily due to low energy prices.  While those prices have enabled the top Chinese airlines to post strong financial performance, despite traffic falling, they cannot of themselves solve the overcapacity problem that is brewing in Asian markets.

And then we also are… Continue reading

Two new single engine turboprops debut at the Sun & Fun event sponsored by AOPA in Florida this week.  Daher-Socata is introducing the TBM-930, a new model that will join the existing TBM-900 in their product lineup.  Piper is also displaying the M600, a new model in their M-Class line announced last year.  Interestingly, both products will utilize the advanced Garmin G3000 avionics suite, which offers a number of new features that enhance safety and ease pilot workload. Continue reading

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