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At last week’s NBAA, GE Aviation announced their latest turboprop engine, called the Advanced Turboprop or ATP. You can watch the announcement on our NBAA video.

The new ATP is aimed at the P&WC PT6 engine. GE was delighted to announce that Textron was their launch customer and will deploy the engine on a single engine passenger aircraft yet to be defined and described in detail. Moreover, GE made it clear that it is likely to deploy the engine with a Dowty propeller. Textron demurred, saying they had not selected a propeller yet.

The general consensus among the media was that P&WC now faces a challenge.  After the excitement, let’s evaluate this.

John Saabas, P&WC President said during their media briefing “every time someone comes up with something, we’re not asleep at the wheel. We know where the industry is going and where the trends are, so we’re… Continue reading

Airbus_A320neo_NEO_F-WNEO_MSN6101_PW_GTF_PW1100G-JM-620x431Airbus announced that its A320neo, powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower® engines, has received joint Type Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

“Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone for the Airbus and Pratt & Whitney team,” said Greg Gernhardt, president, Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines. “We initiated our partnership on the A320neo in December 2010 with the goal of helping our mutual airline customers continuously improve aircraft performance and operating economics. Pratt & Whitney is proud that the PurePower engine is the launch engine on the A320neo and will contribute to more than 16 percent fuel burn savings when airlines enter into service. We continue to work closely together to support aircraft deliveries to customers as they embark on a new age in aviation.”

Airbus announced Pratt & Whitney’s award-winning PurePower Geared Turbofan™ engine as an engine option for its A320neo… Continue reading

Bombardier’s CS100 has completed its 150 hours of F&R.  Although Bombardier hasn’t yet published this, we understand that the company achieved a 100% dispatch rate during the F&R flights. That’s as good as it gets.  Certification from Transport Canada should be imminent.

With this certification Bombardier is sending off one of its aircraft (apparently P01) on a European demonstration, to visit Scandinavia and the Baltic states.  Visits are no doubt aimed at Malmo and airBaltic.  There are some other big airlines in the region that might also want a peek.

The C Series continues its march to EIS.

There seems to be some light between the vision by Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier and sales chief John Leahy.  Whereas Mr Leahy opined at the Dubai air show the A380neo is inevitable and suggested a timeline around 2022 or 2023.  A few weeks later and Mr Bregier has a distinctly different view; 2022 is too soon.

The usual impetus for a rapid move to the A380neo is Emirates.  Emirates is also keeping Airbus hanging on for an A350 order.  Any suggestion that this is part of a carefully planned strategy to add pressure is purely speculation, we’re sure. Continue reading

Aviation Partners’ (AP) Joe Clark announced a new disruptive technology at NBAA.  AP is not known for doing announcements.  So when they do, its best to pay attention.

The technology comes from Flexsys.  Aviation Partners’ role is to take this to the market and, as Joe Clark says, “make money”.

The idea can be demonstrated in the following picture.  Taking out the traditional flaps and replacing these with a new material that is flexible gives an entirely new look to the wing.  Closing off the ends means up to 40% less noise.  Continue reading

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