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Today there was big news from Seattle.  Boeing and one of its key unions (IAM 751) came to an agreement on differences going back a long time.  There were negotiations that were ongoing but seemed to have ratcheted up seriously into covering the big issues.  The union gets to keep the MAX at Renton which is a major win for them.  It is also a win for Boeing.  Union members are to vote on the agreement next Wednesday and if it passes, even the NLRB problem could go away because the union will advise NLRB that it is no longer in dispute with Boeing.

We spoke with union spokesman Bryan Corliss and he shared the union’s perspective on the pending agreement.  Play

We have approached Boeing for them to share their view of this news as well.

American Airlines files its anticipated filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning, ending its attempt to be the only legacy carrier to avoid a filing in the wake of 9/11/01.  While the carrier made a valiant effort to compete without restructuring, it became inevitable with mounting losses and the need to re-fleet.  Information on AA’s bankruptcy filing can be found here. Continue reading

If there is one company that seems to love aviation, it is Red Bull.  They sponsor a lot of aviation activities and a beautiful museum – their logo is ubiquitous in any aerial “stunt” – you simply expect to see it when people are trying something new in the sky.  As is the case with this video.  As much as we cheer this amazing performance we also thank Red Bull for enabling it. Aviation geeks love this stuff.

Our earlier post on this matter elicited a good suggestion.  So we went back and took a look at the data  by block hour for 2009, 2010 and 2011 through August. The charts are shown below. We selected JFK because it is frequently thought of as among the worst airports for delays. The three biggest users of the airport provide useful insight of operational performance on taxi times. Continue reading

Airbus completed installation of the first set of ‘Sharklet’ wing-tip devices on the company’s A320 development aircraft (MSN 001), preparing for the flight-test campaign in the coming weeks.  The sharklets, specially designed for the A320 Family, will reduce fuel burn by up to 3.5%, corresponding to an annual CO2 reduction of around 700 tonnes per aircraft. This reduction is equivalent to the CO2 produced by around 200 cars annually.  The number matches the results found on the APB winglets on the 737 family.  The wingtip devices are ~2.5m tall and replace the current wingtip fences. Offered as an option on new-build aircraft, as well as being standard on the A320neo Family, Sharklets will also enhance the aircraft’s payload-range and take-off performance.

WheelTug (an AirInsight client) recently attracted a lot of industry attention when it announced El AL as its launch customer. The company just released a video simulation (created by Airport Research Center GmbH) of how its technology enables an airline to save operational time at the gate.  Adding time saved (assuming 8 ops per day) an airline could save nearly 600 minutes per month.

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