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AirInsight looks back on the highs and lows in commercial aviation in 2011, all in no particular order.

1. Airbus has runaway success with the A320neo, exceeding its own expectations.
2. After a late start, Boeing clearly shifts into high gear for the re-engined 737 and ends the year with an impressive number of orders and commitments.
3. Pratt & Whitney is back in the small engine game with a series of successes for the Geared Turbo Fan.
4. CFM revamps its LEAP-X after losing key competition to Lufthansa and others and returns with a better design that is more fuel efficient than the first iteration.
5. Boeing has a tremendous year for the 777-300ER order book.
6. Boeing wins the USAF tanker competition, based on the commercial 767, not without controversey
7. Boeing finally delivers the first 787 and 747-8F.
8. Airbus’ success with the A320neo and the… Continue reading

Philippe Poutissou is VP, Marketing at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and he spent some time talking with us about next year and reviewed some 2011 events. The issues discussed include: An overview of their programs; including a CIASTA update; Why is Bombardier going for a broad the customer base?; Where does Bombardier see greatest potential for CS?; Where does Bombardier see the greatest market for the CRJ; On the Q400 there is manifest interest in a larger Turboprop; finally we talk about oil prices and biofuel.


An aspect of the DoT On-Time data is arrival delays by tail number.  Between January and October 2011 there are only two tail numbers that turn up in three of the ten months.  They are N74007 and N76062, both are Boeings operated by Continental. The former accumulated 214 average minutes of arrival delays for the ten months through October and the latter accumulated 371 average delayed arrival minutes.

How valuable is a minute? LeehamNews has this great titbit. “Boeing estimates this at $25 for regional, $125 for a very large carrier or cargo airline, $50 minute for a carrier like Southwest Airlines and $100 for a US legacy airline.”  This is the value of air time – but if gives a clue to just how much time is worth to an airline.

Among other tail numbers, here is a table listing the top twenty tail numbers… Continue reading

Barry Eccleston is Airbus Americas CEO and spent over fifteen minutes talking about the great year they had plus a peek into a murky 2012. The issues we spoke about are: an overview on A380 programs for 2012; plus what are the biggest program challenges?; With so many sales for neo already booked, will 2012 see more mega sales?; What is Airbus doing to ensure neo delivery on time?; How does Airbus see the oil price playing out over 2012?; plus a view on biofuels; How much will the Euro currency problems impact Airbus?; sales breakdown in Euro vs. USD? and finally are there plans to grow Mobile, AL?


Randy Tinseth is vice president, Marketing, for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and kindly agreed to podcast with us looking forward to next year. We discuss the following topics; Program views (737,747,767,777, 787) for 2012; the biggest program challenges for 2012; Cargo traffic is dropping in double-digits in some parts of the world and cargo traffic usually is a leading indicator of passenger traffic. How does Boeing view the drop and its potential effect on passenger traffic?; How many MAX commitments does Boeing expect to be converted to firm orders in 2012?; How much of a problem is getting a delivery slot now? (when is the earliest available?); How does Boeing see oil prices acting in 2012?