Airline Business Editor Max Kingsley-Jones wrote an intruiging piece on the Bombardier CSeries in 2012. So we called Max and had a chat about the airplane and its prospects.  The CS is seen as living in an awkward segment – bigger than jets but smaller than full size airliners.  Bombardier is very confident of this segment and the success Embraer has seen in this segment seems to endorse this confidence. Trunk liners have a spotty record all the same.  is a tough space to work in.  That said Bombardier needs a few more “big name” customers and these are likely to be forthcoming once the program has better visibility. 2012 is an important year for the program as approaches the first flight in 2013.  Since program are “new normal”, are to be expected to hang back until they can more clearly see the program’s milestones being reached.


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