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July 17, 2024
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It’s a long one, but as always with John Leahy, its worth the time to understand what they are thinking and how they are messaging their product line. Count the number of times 18 inch seats comes up. This is clearly a crucial part of the message going forward. We expect to see this being repeated at PAS in a few weeks time.

2 thoughts on “2015 Innovation Days – John Leahy

  1. Great presentation by Mr. Leahy, I think Airbus make great and steady progress previously, the future for Airbus products looks shiny, As a normal passenger, I am quite impressed with Airbus products quality, steady improvement and looking forward to see more progress in the coming years. No doubt, Airbus proves to be a big competitor for Boeing. Hope that Airbus will stick with its 18 inches seat policy, hence less that is quite uncomfortable,

    I just return back from a long trip making use of A340-600, A320, B747-400, B787 & MD 80, I feel sorry since the golden days for using conformable chairs such as the ones of MD-80, B747, A340-600, A320 is over and replaced with new miserable seats as per the ones provided for BA – B787.
    Would like to ask Mr. Leahy if he is using economy class seat in his long trips hence he will be able to evaluate what is the differences between economy class, business and first class seats.
    Thank you

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