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June 22, 2024
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Delta’s Ed Bastian was in Toulouse last week to collect their new 242 Tonne A330-300. He spoke briefly to the media and answered some questions. He started off saying he would not speak about the ME3 vs the US3 – a question we had just given to Airbus’ Fabrice Bregier who also demurred. Note that Mr Bastian is quite clear on the selection of Airbus over Boeing – and Boeing did have delivery slots, which is not how some have reported the matter.

The delivery of the new aircraft is important as it is the first time Delta has bought an Airbus in its own name. All other Airbus aircraft in their fleet were inherited – from Northwest most recently and before that from Pan Am.  For Delta, a die hard McDonnell Douglas and Boeing customer, selecting Airbus is significant.  Mr Bastian alludes to the fact that Airbus came up with a compelling offer.