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May 27, 2024
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As another key program, the A320neo progress is important to follow. The chart below lists the flight hours to date. We will keep the P&W aircraft in blue and the CFM aircraft in green.


In January the test aircraft were updated and did not fly. But after that the GTF engine fleet started to build hours. In May only the CFM powered aircraft flew while the P&W aircraft had a manufacturing issue to resolve.

We understand the P&W issue was a manufacturing item that was found during flight tests. Damage was found during a borescope inspection. A small part below the combustion chamber, which holds a seal, disengaged. P&W is addressing this by switching out this part. P&W is confident that flight tests will resume in the coming weeks and the program is still on track for EIS in 4Q15.

2 thoughts on “A320neo Flight Test Update

  1. 450 hours in 8 months, how many hours needed to complete the flight test with the GTF? Progressing slowly considering Airbus gigantic resources.

  2. Good point. Also consider this – there is no uproar over the A320neo engine issue with the GTF anywhere like there was with BBD. Is that warranted? P&W no doubt has the issue under control. But were this BBD and the CSeries, the media would be hysterical (again).

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