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The CFM RISE Program

The CFM International RISE (Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines) Technology Demonstration Program

CFM ready for higher Airbus A320neo rates in 2024

CFM International has responded positively to the request of Airbus to ramp up the production of the LEAP engines and meet higher rates in 2024. CFM-parent Safran Group confirmed this during an earnings call on April 29 on the first-quarter results. This would mean...

CFM LEAP expected to hit breakeven by 2025

GE Aviation and Safran expect the LEAP turbofan engine to reach breakeven margins in 2025. There will be a three-percent margin impact this year and in 2023 as the production transits from the CFM56 to the LEAP, but the numbers are looking good beyond 2023. CFM LEAP...

Boeing’s NMA engine choice – Poll

[Restart - the previous poll wasn't working] With the withdrawal of Rolls-Royce, Boeing now has two choices.  The options are CFM vs. P&W.  We hear all sorts of odds. How do you see this playing out?