The A320neo has been a very popular aircraft program.  has won 3,626 A320neo orders (over 5,000 neo models ordered) for the program since was first offered.  How has the aircraft been doing in US service so far?  We looked at data on the US fleet.

Here is what we know about the number of flight hours of the nine US-based A320neos flying through January 25th 2017.

If you wanted to see one the best place is Denver, where (among the top 20 origin cities) 21% of all A320neo flights start.  The order and percentages are similar for destinations.

We did some calculations to see what aircraft performance looks like.

The results, so far, look basically even by airline and engine type.   The aircraft are flying about nine hours per day.  Typical flights are two hours and twenty minutes’ duration.  The fleet does about four flights per day.  Based on over 2,200 flights we think these data points are reliable guides.  The US-based A320neo fleet is doing its job.

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