Air France intends to cut its by 7.580, becoming another airline that has to adapt to the post situation. Earlier, was expected that up to 8.300 staff had to go, so the announcement on July 3 is little consolation to those effected.

The French national airline expects the current slump in demand to continue for at least another three years. Traffic could be back to 2019-levels only by 2024. This reflects the forecast by most airlines and .

In to prepare for this, the parent airline will reduce its 41.000-strong workforce by 6.560. Air France some 3.500 employees will leave the company through natural departure or early retirement, while a voluntary departure scheme is also on offer.
Another 1.020 will be made redundant at regional subsidiary Air France HOP!, out of 2.420 currently employed. Taking natural departures into account, a net reduction of 820 positions is expected.

Air France is in talks with unions about the reduction plan. Expect some difficult negotiations here in a country with strong positions. They have called on the to limit the number of forced redudancies. At the same time, the EUR 7 billion state aid to AF is conditional on a restructuring plan and a reduction in domestic air travel. Where possible, high-speed trains have to replace air routes. For now, the situation seems to be rather different as domestic routes currently operated by HOP! will be transferred to low-cost subsidiary Transavia France that operates at lower cost levels. HOP! will also see a simplification of its fleet.

Air France plans to announce the reconstruction plan by the end of July, at the same time Air France-KLM and KLM will present theirs.


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