• Further layoffs at Boeing – SeattleTimes
  • Record flight of an E190-E2 with a flight time of 9h15min from Natal to Zurich!Twitter
  • Open Rotor research project 20% reduced fuel burn through digital design experiments – Chalmers
  • Boeing is pulling the plug on its 747 – Bloomberg

General Aviation

  • Stratos Aircraft announced the first flight of its Stratos 716X – Stratos
  • Epic Aircraft E1000 has been selected to receive Flying Magazine’s prestigious 2020 Flying Innovation Award –  EPIC


  • Delta’s global growth drive stalled by Latin American bankruptcies – Reuters
  • Qatar: “They’re the ideal aircraft to start to develop a network where you can generate cash.” – Forbes
  • Alaska Airlines CEO Has No Reservations About The 737 MAX – SimpleFlying


  • Parking a $375 million airplane takes more than just locking the door – CNet


  • Among 100 Amazing New Ideas, This Drone Company Was Named a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum – DroneLife
  • New video shows continued flight testing of CityAirbus –eVTOL
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