The airline’s PR team sent out a notification that today, on July 21, 2017, the set a new world record as its newest CS300 for the first commercial flight took only 50 minutes after delivery.

The sixth CS300, registered as YL-CSF, arrived in Riga on July 21, 2017 at 11:15, Riga time. The flight time was 7 hours and 25 minutes and the aircraft covered 6,470 km non-stop distance between Mirabel and Riga.  At 12:06 Riga time YL-CSF’s was completed and the aircraft departed on its first commercial flight BT641 to Zurich at 12:17. It is the first time that a turnaround for an inaugural CS300 commercial flight has been carried out so promptly.

has completed more than 2,160 scheduled flights and flown over 5,520 block hours with their CS300 fleet. In total, the has carried over 245,100 passengers on their CS300s.

This is a pretty interesting statistic and one we have not seen before.  The gauntlet has now been thrown.  Other OEMs will now respond with their own quick after delivery.  Since is going to get another 14 CS300s  delivered, they too will be pushing that 50-minute number lower if they can.  Isn’t this a great industry?

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