Airbus published their latest O&D numbers on Friday.

Airbus booked a total of 68 A320 and A330 family orders in April while making 51 deliveries from its commercial aircraft product lines. During the month, customers for A320neo-series jetliners reached the 100 mark, and three additional joined the list of carriers operating A320 Family aircraft in the NEO version.

The most eye-catching numbers are for the and A319neo – all from an undisclosed customer. The surprise here is that the A319 is getting market attention. As the table shows, the A319neo flight test has been somewhat leisurely in terms of flight hours.

The A320neo orders pipped A320ceo orders but the loss of the order took off 22. The YTD book-to-bill remains weak. Airbus still targets 800 deliveries for the year, if the engine OEMs deliver.

Bear in mind that American’s order dates back to USAirways, and came with deposits.  American (AMR Group) is the second biggest airline customer (after Lufthansa) for Airbus.  Note that is the world’s largest A320 operator.

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