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June 20, 2024
Airbus & Boeing O&D through October 2022
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With both OEMs producing their monthly numbers yesterday, here’s a score update.

For 2002 YTD:

  • Order market share – 56%/44% in Airbus favor
  • Delivery market share – 58%/42% in Airbus favor

In terms of twin aisles, the breakdowns are interesting.  Boeing is way ahead in orders but was hampered in deliveries by the 787 issues.  Airbus has seen slow orders but has had good deliveries. 

For single aisles, we have the following.  Boeing is racing to make MAX deliveries – customers want their aircraft and Boeing has delivery slots that Airbus lacks.  This provides Boeing with a market advantage to win deals with startups like Akasa and 777 Partners, for example. 

Airbus is way ahead in the crucial MoM segment.  The market can’t seem to get enough A321neos.  The MAX10 is having a great order year but trails the A321neo.  Airbus has a growing single-aisle MoM advantage that will prove damaging to Boeing. We estimate Airbus is ahead by 1,791 aircraft in this segment.  This is an unassailable lead.

Note the strong interest in the A220-300, while Boeing’s MAX7 waits for FAA certification.  The former C Series has already eclipsed the MAX7.  Meanwhile, there is interest in the A319neo – who knew?

The 25-page model is available to subscribers to dig deeper.

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