See the updated model here.

  • Orders remain weak this year as it becomes clearer a downturn is coming
    • Orders this year are focused on NEO models, the A220 and A350
    • Lessor orders are scarce this year
  • Deliveries are on track to meet the year target. By far the A320neo and A321neo are the most delivered. Interestingly, #3 is the A350. Airbus has delivered 25 A330-900s YTD.
  • Delta remains the #1 customer with 52 deliveries YTD. Noteworthy is the fact that TAP is #3 for deliveries as that airline aggressively refleets. 
  • Looking at regional deliveries, Europe and Asia continue to account for well over two-thirds of deliveries. We added a chart showing the percent.
  • We added a new page this month.  It is focused on trying to get at the backlog.  With the assumption of the C Series program, we see some negative numbers as the orders were placed with Bombardier but delivered by Airbus.  Select a country and/or model to see the flow of O&D.
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