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May 20, 2024
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Today F-WNEO, also known as MSN6101, powered by P&W GTFs is off to the Middle East for flight tests.   This is the first A320neo to fly as was the one which experienced the GTF replacement after a part failed.   Through last month end, this aircraft has the most flights of the test program (43%) and most block time (45%).  Since its first flight MSN6101 has averaged one hour per day while MSN6419 (LEAP power) has averaged 2.3 hours per day although it has only been flying for 125 days compared to 361 for MSN6101.

Airbus advises that: At Al Ain we perform the hot weather tests, whereas in Bolivia we have performed the high altitude tests. With regards to your question on the noise, we still have to perform some tests so we are not in a position to share further data info, however we target the same performances for both the LEAP and PW which is 15dB below required noise standard. We are confident we will meet all requirements and performances as stated to our customers.

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