Airline scope clauses are a part of the pilot union agreements with major airlines thatrestrict the number of aircraft that regional airlines can operate on behalf of the major airlines.  Typically, that clause restricts the number of aircraft that can be operated, the number of seats allowed for each aircraft, and even the weight of the aircraft.

Today’s new technology aircraft engines weigh more than the previous generation, as they have larger fans and higher engine bypass ratios, which measures the amount of air pushed around the engine core to provide propulsive energy from the fan to the amount of air pushed through the engine core, which is compressed and ignited to provide thermal propulsions.  Because bypass air doesn’t need to be burned, it improves fuel efficiency and can lower emissions and noise levels.

Unfortunately, the new technology engines that equip the Embraer E175-E2 and the Mitsubishi Space Jet M100 exceed the weight limit under scope clauses, and US airlines cannot purchase them for their regional operators. 

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