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March 2, 2024
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On July 1, KLM flight 1233 from Amsterdam Schipol to Paris Charles de Gaulle operated using biokerosene on a passenger flight, becoming the first airline to do so. While a number of proving flights have been taken by various airlines and manufacturers, KLM and its 171 passengers were the first in revenue service.

The biokerosene was produced from used cooking oil by Dynamic Fuels through SkyNRG, a joint venture between KLM, North Sea Group and Spring Associates. KLM plans to offer 200 flights to Paris using biokerosene this September, and this first flight, using a Boeing 737-800 with CFM International CFM-56-7 engines has now fully demonstrated the feasibility of alternative fuels.

So eat hearty, all of your fast food junkies, so that the used cooking oil from your french fries can power your next flight! Congratulations to KLM for another industry first.

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1 thought on “Biokerosene Used on Passenger Flight

  1. Cooking oil? Yep, a high incidence of Type II diabetes has an upside after all. 😉

    Bring on the switchgrass….

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