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Boeing has provided various updates on different occasions on the 777X program at Dubai Airshow. The main message the airframer wanted to share was that the type is on schedule for certification and entry into service in late 2023, but that’s not the full picture. A few major details are still being worked on. Boeing 777X on schedule but still work in progress.

777-9 test aircraft WH001 made its first appearance at an airshow in Dubai and is generating the most attention. AirInsight toured the aircraft inside on the opening day of the show. As the first of four -9 test aircraft, she is mainly used for stability control and airworthiness testing. “The first aircraft accumulates the most hours in the test program and we are still in that phase. As we later in the test program, each aircraft is configured for particular defines of testing. The interior configured aircraft will pick up more work as it will get its interior certification”, said Tom Sanderson, Director of Product Marketing.


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