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May 29, 2024
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Bombardier’s Global 7000 business jet took to the skies with its first test flight today from Downsview Airport in Toronto.  This is a positive milestone for this long-range aircraft, which along with the Global 8000 still in development, will compete with the Gulfstream 650 at the top end of the business aircraft market.


The Global 7000 can carry 17 passengers, has a range of 7,400nm, and a typical cruising speed of M.90.  The aircraft is powered by the Passport engine from GE, and has surprising field performance for its size, with a take off distance of 5,950 ft. and a landing distance of 2,810 ft.   The program, initially scheduled for entry into service this year, is running about 2 years late, with EIS now expected in 2018.


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