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May 25, 2024
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Aerolia is making parts for the A350 and has a neat YouTube channel. Here are videos they posted on parts they make for the A350XWB.

The nose of the A350 consists of metal and composite on the lower parts of the nose. This video shows the automatic riveting of the metal cockpit.

This video shows the fiber placement on the lower part of the nose.

This video shows the trimming of a composite panel after autoclave curing. This machine has two heads: the first head projects a water jet containing abrasive particles at high speed and pressure of 4000 bar. The abrasive particles cut the composite. The second head, a 5-axis spindle HSM, is responsible for the composite surfacing and panel drilling. Surfacing operations give “good appearance” and are coated with an foil glass inner. After trimming and surfacing, the panel is presented in its final geometry.

2 thoughts on “Building parts for the A350XWB

  1. Impressive videos! These manufacturing technologies mean the airplanes are cheaper to build. And the new materials make the airplanes cheaper to fly.

  2. Very huge investments too !
    They have to build hundreds just to hope to see some light … and ROI !
    Sure, Airbus helps a lot !

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