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May 26, 2024
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Today Germany’s TUIfly and CFM celebrated a new first-run time-on-wing world record set by a CFM56-7B engine powering one of the airline’s Boeing 737-800s.  This engine logged more than 50,000 hours without a shop visit. That’s equivalent to 2,083 days or nearly six years!

“This record is a remarkable achievement and we are delighted that the technical and flight operational assistance from TUIfly have made such a record possible.Here you can see what a first class engine, in conjunction with professional flight and maintenance operation, can achieve, “said Friedrich Keppler, Managing Director TUIfly.

This is a remarkable performance.

2 thoughts on “Remarkable CFM performance

  1. Six years would be if the engine ran 24 hours a day. But that engine more than likely averaged less than 12 hours a day over its lifetime. That means it probably stayed on wing more than 12 years!

  2. Charter/ leisure operators make longer flights (south) then the typical cityairs and feeder flights. So cycles would be relatively low compared to many other 737 o the same age.

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