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April 23, 2024
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While in Seattle to take delivery of his airline’s 100th airplane, Qatar CEO’s Mr Al Baker shared that the reason Cargolux had not taken delivery is related to a 2.7% fuel-burn shortfall on the new freighter’s GE engines.  Since Qatar now owns 35% of Cargolux, Mr Al-Baker has a very influential role with the freighter airline.  Mr Al-Baker went to on say the freighter issue had nothing to do with his own airline’s 787 delivery schedule and compensation.  “It is absolutely unrelated. I cannot use Cargolux to get additional concessions from Boeing (for Qatar Airways),” said Al Baker. “There is no relationship between 787 delays and the Cargolux aircraft.” He went to say “Unfortunately, the management of Cargolux did not take the action they should have taken during the process of the aircraft acceptance. As we sit on the board of Cargolux, we have full right to object if we find something is not fair as far as Cargolux is concerned”.

Cargolux will disclose details after an October 7 meeting of its Board of Directors. According to wire reports, Cargolux will take delivery of the first 747-8F on October 12, a month later than anticipated.  There are no details of just how the fuel-burn shortfall has been dealt with.  No doubt the performance gap has been closed in the short term by financial means and will be closed over the longer term with a PiP.

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