When Boeing’s Vice President and general manager of Product Development Mike Sinnett shares new concept aircraft, media are usually quick to depict them as THE potential new aircraft from Seattle. That’s why Boeing during Monday’s presentation on the Future of Flight and sustainable aviation was quick to explain that three concepts are just that – concepts. Cascade will help Boeing to shape its future aircraft.

Sinnett, who has presented countless Boeing concepts in his career, showed what a potential hybrid, electric, or hydrogen-powered could look like. Which could be a 787-sized conventional-looking airliner (hydrogen), a high-wing turboprop with four electric motors (hybrid), and a small, business-jet like aircraft (electric). They could all emerge from demonstrator programs like the current ecoDemonstrator, the Transconic Truss-Braced Wing demonstrator to be developed together with NASA, the Hybrid Propulsion demonstrator with General Electric, and NASA, and the battery-powered Wisk eVTOL, which is on static display in Farnborough.


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