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Less discussed, so far, in terms of follow on impact of Delta’s decision to select the CS100 is its impact on the US regional airline market.  Any discussion on the US regional airline market brings up the scope clause issue.  This week the RAA has its annual conference, and we are certain this issue will be discussed again.

Except, this time the discussions should be a lot more nervous.  We think Delta’s decision is one that pilots should take careful notice of.   The airline stated the selection of the CS100 impacts aircraft from 76 seats and up.  With the CS100 starting at the regional aircraft level, what the airline is effectively saying is that its mainline pilots will now do the some of the flying that potentially could have been undertaken by regional partners.  Delta mainline pilots must be very pleased.  Scope… Continue reading

Norwegian Air International filed an application to serve the US from Europe under the US-EU Open Skies agreement in late 2013 with the DoT. On April 15th of this year, 29 months later, the DOT tentatively approved their application. The agency is gathering a last round of industry comments and a final and favorable DOT decision is expected in June.


The big three US airlines oppose this application, and the low-cost competition it will bring. After having been rejected by the DOT, Justice Department and State Department, the major US airlines are now lobbying Congress to kill the NAI application via legislation. Since the Big Three and their antitrust immunized partners control 78% of trans-Atlantic seats (up from 55% in 2010), the last thing they want is additional competition and service to under-served communities.

Are the Big Three airlines, American, Delta and United afraid of a new low fare competitor… Continue reading

United Airlines celebrated its 90th birthday on April 6th.  In a year when many aviation pioneers are celebrating major milestones, it is important to reflect back on the progress of the industry, which has been amazing.  Congratulations to United and its employees on this important milestone.  From the first flight attendants to the first flight kitchen to the first airline alliance and introduction of several major aircraft, including the 777, United is celebrating its industry innovations. Continue reading

E-taxi pioneers Wheeltug just released research (ground operations summary 31 Mar 2016) it undertook monitoring airport operations.  The case for adding e-taxi capabilities to aircraft has tended to focus on saving fuel burn.  But fuel burn is no longer such an important issue in cost terms, though in “green” terms cutting fuel burn is still attractive.  Wheeltug has, for some time now, been focusing on time savings rather than fuel savings.  A generally accepted cost for airline operations is $100 per minute.  More on this shortly. Continue reading