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We have been waiting for a while to see if there was anyway we could get a comparison of the A320neo with both engines and the 737 MAX compared for engine noise.  The most objective way to do this is use videos from the first flight events.  One has to also avoid OEM videos, some of which have music and other dubbing to prevent the real noise levels to be heard.

Bear in mind as you watch these videos, the weather was different for each first flight.  The distances from the aircraft to camera microphone were different.  Even the cameras were different.  There is a lot of variation that make a comparison difficult.  But absent any equal comparison, what else can you do? 

First: A320neo with P&W GTF.  Second opinion


Second: A320neo with CFM LEAP. Second opinion videos we found were either obviously edited for noise or had voice overs.

Third: 737 MAX.  Second opinion

Based on our viewing, and given the limits of an “apples for apples” comparison:  We think the GTF is quieter but its very close.  Certainly the A320neo is quieter than the 737MAX.

This comparison is bound to elicit strong opinions.  What do you think?

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