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Assembling data from a number of sources and developing a few estimates, we have this estimated breakdown of the program through month end November.

With the tests in Wichita not easy to track, we believe this is a reasonably close approximation of how the program has been doing since tests started again.

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Our sources suggest that November was indeed a very good month. All four aircraft flew and did similar numbers of hours.  The three month gap was clearly a setback.  Had those months seen flight tests, the curve would be a more pronounced “hockey stick”.


Based on our estimates of ~650 hours to date, we have 1,740 hours to go to reach 2,400.  This means each of the four FTVs needs to generate 43.5 hours per month for the next ten months.  Now throw in the CS300s to be added to the FTV fleet, and you can see how quickly the hours can build.

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