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We just got updated data. Bombardier’s flight tests have started to move more aggressively.  Last month appears to have delivered about 220 hours which is over the planned number and likely is a sign of growing confidence in its test fleet.

With two aircraft planned to fly to Paris in the next two weeks, the flight tests have surely taken a more focused view on long haul flights.  We understand both models have the range to reach Paris non-stop which is impressive for a relatively small aircraft.  For example the A318 needs a tech stop going west from London to JFK even with a light load.  The A319 from Halifax to the UK is seasonal.  The Boeing NGs have a fabulous wing and easily fly across the Atlantic. Rumor has it the CS wing has turned out to be surprisingly good and both aircraft may have better payload/ranges than expected.

2015-06-01_11-20-35As of month end, we estimate the CSeries flight test is just over 73% of target hours.  We don’t know yet how many credit hours Transport Canada will give the program for its CIASTA testing. Whatever hours they get only adds to the goal. Bombardier cannot make up the lost time but it looks like they are trying hard to stay on the revised schedule.   Next stop Paris, where interest in the CSeries is going to be big.

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