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June 20, 2024
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It seems the program is now at last developing the momentum observers have been waiting for.  The fleet accumulated 160 hours last month -a shade less than the previous month.  Notice how much more FTV3 was deployed last month. FTV3 is dedicated to electrical and avionics testing.

Adding the CS300 (FTV7) should help boost monthly hours.  The fleet needs to be running around 165-170 flight hours per month to hit 2,400 by or in October.


2 thoughts on “CSeries Flight Test Update

  1. My understanding is that the hours logged by the CS300 are not accounted for in the 2,400 hours that are required for certification of the CS100. The reverse is not true though as the CS100 hours will be credited for certification of the CS300. If the current rate of 160 hours is maintained this would take us to mid October at the earliest. But it is reasonable to assume that the rate might be increased when FTV5 joins the fleet and more experience is gained. But if anything unexpected was to surface in the coming months it could easily push certification towards the end of the year and even beyond.

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