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March 2, 2024
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Mexican carrier Interjet has firmed options for another ten SSJs.  In 2011 Interjet originally ordered 15 SSJ100 and 5 options. The 5 options became firm in July 2012 at Farnborough Air Show. In November 2012, during ALTA Leaders Forum in Panama, Interjet announced the addition of 10 options which have been executed today leading the total firm order to 30 aircraft. The value of the new option batch is $350m.

Interjet has 12 SSJs in service with excellent operations and a dispatch reliability over the 99%. The thirteenth SSJ100 has been delivered and will join the active Interjet fleet soon. According to the airline’s operational reliability reports, to date the dozen Interjet SSJs have completed over 21.000 flight hours and 20.000 flight cycles starting from the Entry into Service in September 18, 2013. The SSJs are operating from Mexico City to various Mexican destinations and starting in October 2014, to the Unites States.

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