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May 26, 2024
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Dassault Falcon Jet has a strong presence at EBACE 2023, bringing the new Falcon 6X prototype and the cabin mock-up for the forthcoming Falcon 10X.

The Falcon 6X certification program is progressing well; all certification flight tests have been completed. The process is now in the paperwork and review phase, and the aircraft should be certified and enter service “within weeks,” according to CEO Eric Trappier. With the widest cabin apart from the 10X that will enter service later, the Falcon 6X, with a 5,500 nm range, should be very popular with customers. The aircraft has completed 1,480 flight hours during 580 flights during the development process.

Falcon 6X

The Falcon 10X, originally scheduled for entry into service in 2025, may slip a bit as Dassault has troubles with its supply chain. The continuing problems with the supply chain were described as worse now than a year ago and continuing, despite strong corrective efforts. The Falcon 10X will introduce a new NeXus flight deck based on the EASy IV suite adding a Smart Throttle integrated with the digital flight control system and autopilot.

Engine for the 10X, the Pearl 10X turbofan from Rolls-Royce, is on schedule and will soon begin flight tests on their testbed aircraft later this year.

The cabin mockup for the 10X is at EBACE and illustrates the modular cabin concepts available on the aircraft. According to Carlos Brana, Executive VP of Civil Aviation, most customers are interested in a four-cabin layout with bathroom facilities.

Falcon 10X

Dassault is also upping its support and maintenance operations. The Dubai service center, announced last year, is opening this month, the Kuala Lumpur facility will open next year, and Melbourne, Florida in early 2025. The company has 40 factory service centers and 21 authorized global coverage facilities.

The Bottom Line

After several years of declining sales, Dassault Falcon Jet is making a significant turnaround, with two new models differentiated by wide cabins coming into the market. Although the pandemic and supply-chain issues have delayed introduction, these aircraft will shake up the dynamics at the top of the market where Dassault competes with Bombardier and Gulfstream.

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