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June 16, 2024


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FalconWays is a new flight planning tool that will allow Dassault Falcon pilots to select the most fuel-efficient route for their flight. Using real-time wind data and combining that with aircraft model-specific algorithms, the tool can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7%.

Our new FalconWays flight app is part of our company’s broader commitment to sustainable flying,” said Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “It will help Falcon customers reach a new level of operational efficiency while reducing aviation emission levels.

FalconWays is an app on Dassault’s FalconSphere iPad electric flight bag and will interface with Jeppesen and Universal flight planning systems. The system will be available for the newly certified Falcon 6X and will follow on with the Falcon 8X early in 2024, the Falcon 7X in late 2024, and the Falcon 2000LXS/S in 2025.

Flight Trajectory changes on Falcon Ways,  Dassault Falcon photo

Flight crews reduced fuel consumption and associated emission levels by up to 7 percent using FalconWays. To recompute more efficient, optimized flight plans, pilots can download worldwide wind information and combine it with flight plans, in-house aircraft performance tools, and vertical, lateral, and Mach number optimization data. Aircraft equipped with satellite communications can also update the database en route for long flights to maintain a constantly optimized trajectory.  Flight crews can utilize wind data and performance modeling with Falcon Ways to significantly reduce emissions.

Dassault Falcon is demonstrating the new technology app at NBAA 2023 this week.  Dassault Falcon also features the Falcon 2000LXS, Falcon 8X, and Falcon 10X mock-up at the aircraft static display.  The Falcon 10X will feature the widest cabin for a purpose-built business jet and looks to be a game changer at the top of the market, joining the just-certified Falcon 6X with the second widest cabin.   Dassault appears to be on an upward trajectory after some recent down years, and we expect the Falcon 6X and Falcon 10X, differentiated by wider cabins, to be successful in their categories.

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