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February 21, 2024
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AirInsight published an analysis on the issue of an A330neo – something that is attracting a lot of discussion around the industry.

It is our view that the decision being faced by Airbus is not easy – there are a host of issues to work through. What does Airbus do to respond to the 787-8? Is a response necessary?

The report is available in our online store.

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1 thought on “Does an A330neo make sense?

  1. The A330 was the CASM king for a decade before the A380 and 787 came around.

    Still it’s hard to beat a A330-300 with 300 passengers and long row of LD3s on the Atlantic. Now reduce fuel consumption by 15%.. From mature 787 and 748 engine technology.

    Seems like a very mature, comfortable, lean machine. 9 x A330s are being delivered each month as we speak.

    All A330 versions would benefit. The A330-200, A330-300, A330-200F, future A330-300F and MRTT’s.

    If the A350-800 isn’t hot selling and a A350F far beyond the horizon, an A330 NEO seems a no brainer to me.

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