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Today is one of the biggest in Embraer’s history.  The company has every right to be very proud of their achievements, and the E2 is their most impressive project to date. But perhaps the most incredible item in the E2 story is this:  they have not modified the original budget amount or timeline.  The E2 is a lot more than a re-engine.  Yet the company firmly is committed to getting the project done; three models each with a different wing, completed for $1.7bn.  And all on time.

Today’s roll out is on time.  But today’s roll out is also the official starting of the clock, so to speak.  Once the aircraft is “out” and the tests are done in public, the program will be watched very carefully.  Embraer has 13,000 hours of “iron bird” flights done.  Much more are planned.  The E2 has already completed its vibration tests.

The company has done an amazing job.  But given the recent program performance by Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier, how confident are you they can stick to their budget and also stick to their timeline?

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