Embraer announced its 3Q13 results this week and the deliveries seem to have slowed this year, not just in the third quarter.

ejetCompare 2013 numbers with 2012.  By 3Q12 Embraer delivered 87 E-Jets, while by 3Q13 it delivered only 58, fully a third less. Each quarter in 2013 was lower than the previous year.  Note also the composition of deliveries; in 2013 the E-170 has a jump in deliveries while the E-190 declined substantially.

Yet the company has had a very good 2013 in terms of orders.  Its Paris show successes were notable.  One could point to the global slowdown earlier in 2013 which may have slowed deliveries.  But by a third?

Embraer shared this information with us: “The number of deliveries in 3Q should not be seen as an isolated number to be compared to the nine months of 2012,  but rather as a number in line with Embraer’s proposed guidance for the year 2013, which should be lower than 2012“.

In terms of E-Jet production; “Embraer has a maximum production capacity installed for up to 14 E-Jets per month, considering the deliveries made in 2008, which gives the Company the capacity to produce 42 aircraft per quarter”.  Consequently we can see that the company has considerable capacity if they need to raise production.

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