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June 19, 2024
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LOT Polish Airlines regional subsidiary will be closing its doors and liquidating as of 31 March, and is refunding tickets from April forward.  This is the result of a government decision made by the Polish treasury, which owns 62.1% of the airline.  That department indicated that “there was no prospect of profits in the foreseeable future”.

Eurolot-polandEuroLOT is a critical feeder for LOT Polish airlines, and has a fleet of 11 Bombardier Q400s.  It is the second largest operator of the 39 carriers serving Warsaw.  The 12 top cities for Eurolot are Warsaw, Krakow, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Wroclaw, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Stuttgart, Chisinau, and Lubin.

It is expected that LOT Polish Airlines itself will pick up a substantial portion, if not all, of the aircraft at the end of next month and continue many of the feeder routes into its Warsaw hub.  Bydgoszcz-Warsaw is the highest frequency EuroLOT route, and will likely be absorbed by LOT Polish Airlines.  The Q400 EuroLOT’s fleet is relatively young, with the Q400s ranging from one to three years old.

LOT Polish Airlines itself reported a return to profitability last year after its restructuring and introduction of the 787-8 on international services.  Will absorption of additional regional and domestic routes impact its future profitability?  Time will tell.

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